2. Calendar of invited countries

For more information and for identifying the States that will be invited, please look at the Treaty Bodies’ calendar.

3. Latest news & updates from Child Rights Connect’s Task Force on SRP

January 2020
The CRC Committee held its first ever country session under the SRP with the review of Hungary!

July 2019
The first State Party report under the LOIPR has been submitted for Hungary!

February 2019
The LOIPR for Luxembourg were adopted during the 82nd CRC pre-session.

October 2018
The LOIPR for Poland were adopted during the 81st CRC pre-session.

June 2018: Following on its 80th pre-session, the CRC Committee has adopted for the first time the LOIPR for Croatia and Hungary!

May 2018: 
– The Human Rights Committee is formally undertaking an assessment of the impact of the SRP which will be published in July.
– The Geneva Academy report on TB strengthening is proposing the SRP to become the only and main methodology for the TB system. https://www.geneva-academy.ch/news/detail/121-optimizing-the-un-treaty-bodies-system