Reporting under the OPs

Following ratification, States have the obligation to provide information on measures taken to implement the provisions of the OPs.

States are required to submit a comprehensive initial report to the Committee two years after ratification of each of the Optional Protocols. These reports should provide a comprehensive picture of the legal and practical measures taken to implement the OPs.

There is no periodic reporting under the Optional Protocols. Instead, States parties must include information on the implementation of the OPs in the periodic reports that are submitted to the Committee under article 44 (1(b)) of the Convention.

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Why engage with the Reporting Cycle?


Children’s rights defenders, including children themselves, who engage in the reporting cycle, can:

Confidentially, raise their concerns and suggestions about the children’s rights situation in their country to a UN body that can make recommendations to their national government
Use their report and the reporting cycle to increase awareness about children’s rights issues in the media and the general public
Participate in the improvement of the children’s rights situation in their country
Establish working relations with new partners at national and international level
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